Value Discovery

Value Discovery Workshop

Business activities see staff, managers, and entire teams be driven by daily operational requirements. There is barely any time to reflect on aspects such as whether what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it, is the best option. Or whether there are perhaps alternatives worth trying out. Yet many know precisely where they keep getting stuck, where things are missing, or where responsibilities aren’t properly defined.


Honing the focus on the essential

In the Value Discovery Workshop, we work with you and your team to examine the overarching corporate objectives, and see what the team is doing to help achieve these. We take a look at the daily barriers, and ask what needs to be done to enable staff to further improve the role they play in achieving the objectives. What would be the ideal scenario, and what measures can be taken to attain it? It’s about finding solutions offering optimum value for money, and which facilitate fast, realistic improvements.

Den Blick für das Wesentliche schärfen

Developing practice-oriented solutions

We initially gather ideas on how to attain the ideal scenario or achieve clear improvements. These are then sorted and assessed, with key emphasis placed on their leverage effect. The best solution is always the one that generates the greatest improvements in the fastest, easiest manner, while of course also being totally practical.

Praxisorientierte Lösungen entwickeln

Working together for greater acceptance

A Value Discovery Workshop generates high staff involvement and acceptance of changes. Problems are investigated together, solutions are devised by pooling everyone’s knowledge, and decisions are made jointly. The time required for the workshop is approximately half a day, and it can be run either remotely or face-to-face.

Workshop Content Management


A basis for better cooperation

Value Discovery Workshops can serve as preparation for introducing software solutions or as kick-offs as part of an improvement-management scheme. But, particularly in a very early phase, they can also serve to identify potential and the appropriate approach in the first place.

The Value Discovery method is beneficial for:

  • Teams, such as sales or marketing teams
  • Cross-departmental work groups
  • Management teams

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