Usage Scenarios

Corporate design relaunch
Sales presentation management
Training module management


QuickSlide and QuickDoc offer a variety of advantages when it comes to using Microsoft Office. They also help businesses achieve qualitative and economic targets, particularly in certain situations and application areas.

Tackling challenges

Any business with a high volume of internal and external communications will benefit from our products. But certain situations and challenges provide an additional reason to introduce QuickSlide and QuickDoc.

Businesses changing or reworking their branding, for example, are faced with the question of how they will roll out their business communications in all areas—and they opt for our products and services as customized solutions. Or they may have a strong need to provide content centrally, distribute it in a targeted manner, and update it seamlessly. QuickSlide and QuickDoc also serve as ideal platforms for these requirements.

The leverage effect of QuickSlide and QuickDoc

Leverage effect QuickSlide und QuickDoc


Concrete solutions and lasting effects

Once QuickSlide and QuickDoc are in use, businesses notice other positive effects in addition to the fact that their original problem has been solved. These effects don’t generally figure on lists of requirements, but are just as valuable—if not more valuable—for businesses.

For example, the quality of presentations and documents increases—and not just in relation to brand compliance. Slide templates and storyboards provide practical help with structuring, as well as with preparing information in terms of method and content—meaning better results and faster processes in general. Innovations can be presented more convincingly, decisions made more efficiently, and changes accelerated.

This additionally makes our products strategically important for businesses. They can contribute directly to the transformation process, and help businesses assert themselves in a dynamic market environment.