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PowerPoint masters and Word templates are key success factors in day-to-day corporate communication. They influence every presentation and document prepared by each employee in the company. Any weakness in design, technical implementation or usability can dilute brand identity, make work tiresome and more expensive, and even demotivate your employees.

Mastering the finer points of combining Microsoft Office software with your corporate design requires very specific competencies. Competencies with which we can complement you or your brand agency:

  • Profound technical knowledge and superior implementation skills to ensure everything is optimally configured, that templates are compatible with each other, and that conversions run smoothly.
  • Expertise in corporate design and format changeovers in order to accompany the necessary conversion process and extend the possibilities of PowerPoint and Word.
  • Practical experience to guarantee that your templates function well on a day-to-day basis, regardless of user expertise.
  • Graphic design that reflects your identity and corporate design, and that conveys your brand effectively in PowerPoint and Word.
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Specialists for PowerPoint and Word templates

At Strategy Compass, software developers, graphic designers and Office specialists work hand in hand to think through every aspect of your requirements and develop the perfect solution.

PowerPoint masters, style guides and Word templates form the basis, chart pools support the usage, and Microsoft-certified software tools rise to the challenges that PowerPoint and Word alone cannot meet, even with the best templates.

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