The success factors for impressive presentations


Can you learn the art of giving an impressive, convincing presentation? You can certainly learn how to address your audience with targeted charisma and openness. To do this, you need to think about your own talents, old habits, the way you see yourself, and the way others see you. Not only can any presentation be prepared in terms of content; it can also be planned and rehearsed as a performance.  


Learning from Theater

Actors are experts in performing publicly. Through countless training sessions with managers and staff members, we have found that many of the techniques and skills used by professional actors are also helpful when having to perform in a business environment. 

Acting training teaches a number of performance skills, such as 

  • Presence on stage, in front of an audience
  • Body language
  • Breathing, voice, speaking
  • Empathy and dialog with the audience
  • Engagement
  • Choosing the appropriate role
  • Authenticity as a way of recognizing and expressing one’s own personality
  • Concentration and discipline
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Self-confidence 
  • Handling stage fright 

The focus of acting training is always on the artists’ authenticity and personal repertoire of expressions. Here’s a relevant quote from Jeanne Moreau: 

“Acting is not putting a mask. Each time an actor acts, he does not hide; he exposes himself.” 

Successful leaders can also draw on these values to impress and convince. And this expressiveness is not just a matter of luck or chance. Anyone can learn to act confidently in public. 


Five Success Factors for Presenting

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re listening to a public talk whose wording really appeals to you. But even as you leave the venue, you realize you are already struggling to remember much about the topic, the speaker, or the details of the core message. This could be because the speaker only focused on reading out a prepared text, i.e. they only used one level of communication.  

We’ve drawn on our long-time experience to devise five success factors necessary for putting in an excellent performance. They relate to the content (story), internal attitudes (presence, appreciation), and techniques (expression, preparation). 



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