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Our software solutions and services optimize professional use of Microsoft Office. The work processes are made easier, results are improved, and productivity is boosted.


Increasing quality, saving time.

Our Microsoft Office add-ins make everyday work easier for business employees. The process of creating documents and presentations is not only accelerated–it’s also improved. Templates are provided centrally, have all visual and content-related specifications already preset as defaults, and are easier to edit thanks to the extensive range of functions. This makes for better quality and an up to 40% boost in productivity.


Advantages for users and departments

It’s not just the users who benefit from our products; entire departments are also able to perform their tasks better.

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QuickSlide and QuickDoc are crucial for ensuring consistent branding in business communications and a comprehensive corporate-design roll-out.

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The sales team saves time when preparing appointments and creating presentations. This is time that employees can then invest in customer pitches.

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QuickSlide and QuickDoc integrate into the existing IT landscape. The IT department provides users with intuitive tools that make their work easier, and eliminates numerous coordination processes with the business departments.

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Staff from R&D, Finance, and In-house Consulting, as well as assistants, save time when searching for templates, formatting, and editing, while also being able to boast brand-compliant documents.


Tailored to your needs

QuickSlide and QuickDoc are customized solutions tailored to each business’ requirements, and feature individual kits of templates and content.

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