sample slides and Chart pools


A proper master and clear design guidelines are good. But they’re only as good as their users. It’s unlikely that every employee in sales, finance or R&D has completely absorbed the guidelines and knows how to apply them.

You can help things along with sample slides, or even better, with a comprehensive pool of slide templates – a chart pool. Sample slides show how the design guidelines can be applied to typical slide types. They serve as examples of best practice and provide orientation.

A chart pool goes beyond this: it contains templates for numerous standard representations that each employee can use as required, e.g.:

  • Title, chapter and conclusion slides
  • Structured text slides
  • Slides with various diagram types and tables
  • Slides for quotes
  • Process charts, timelines
  • Graphics that show the relationships between elements
  • Organigrams
  • Project management slides
  • Strategy slides
  • Maps
To Do

Construction kit for slide templates and graphic elements

The more resources you provide for your employees, the better. They save work and create consistency. But you’ll soon get to the point where your chart pool becomes unwieldy. Noone wants to search through 200 slides just to cut and paste a particular element.

This is where our software QuickSlide for PowerPoint comes into its own. With QuickSlide you can provide and centrally maintain chart pools of any size clearly and easily. Apart from providing slide templates and whole presentations, your users can select individual graphic elements such as icons, images, diagrams and stickers in Corporate Design and insert them into their presentations with one click. Whether you want to show three or five process steps, running vertically or horizontally, with or without labels, or whether you want to add pictograms and stickers to your slides – a few clicks are all it takes to create a smart presentation. And everything’s neatly designed.

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