Modular kit for sales presentations



Giving a “one size fits all” presentation to all your customers is not a recipe for success, particularly in B2B sales and marketing. As a result, a lot of people in sales organizations spend a lot of time reinventing the presentation wheel every day. But there is another way.

With predeveloped presentation kits, you not only make your organization significantly more efficient, but you also ensure greater structure and consistency while precisely targeting each and every customer.

One of our strengths is understanding your messages, your processes and your customer structures, and then devising intelligent sales kits based on these insights. By combining standard slides with slides specific to particular topics or target groups, your employees can tailor their presentation to any occasion. This also encourages them to anchor specific issues appropriately in their presentation.


Building a sales kit with you

In the course of interviews or a workshop, we familiarize ourselves with your sales goals and processes. Based on this, we develop with you a concept for constructing individual presentation modules.

Typically, we then create basic presentations together with example slides for particular topics, sales situations or target groups. These can function as templates for you to create slides for further modules. Or, if you prefer, we can do this for you.

This kind of presentation kit is best provided and maintained with the help of our software QuickSlide for PowerPoint. With QuickSlide your sales staff can compose their presentations according to specific requirements with a few clicks, and the material can be conveniently and centrally managed.
By the way: presentation kits are not just extremely effective tools for sales and business development. They also have great potential in departments where large amounts of training materials must be provided and kept up to date.