Content management

Content Management

The Situation


The volume of information being handled by any given company is constantly growing. Many businesses are keen to know how content can be professionally organized, provided, and updated without spending excessive time and money.

Our solution


QuickSlide and QuickDoc. These are the ideal platforms for centrally managing and updating content, and making it available company-wide. Plus they also offer a number of other advantages.

A better overview and sense of order

QuickSlide and QuickDoc bring a sense of order to the flow of information at your business. Presentations, slides, templates, images, graphics, text components – whatever your staff need to communicate both internally and externally is provided centrally and made directly available across teams, departments or even the entire company.

  • Convenient access to all content directly in PowerPoint and Word, including offline and when on the go
  • Clear visual preview
  • Changes easily made at any time, without the need for IT department involvement
  • Even large volumes of data handled effortlessly
  • Integration of DAM systems and image/media databases
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Minimal update-related work

If elements such as your staff numbers, product portfolio, or business data change, this affects all your documents. With QuickSlide and QuickDoc, the effort involved with updating these changes is minimal, because you only need to make the change once; the tools take care of the rest.

  • Smart linking, so documents are all managed at one single location
  • Push updates when using outdated versions, and automatic updating
  • Users always have the latest version, whether in the office or on the go
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Finding – not just searching

Searching for the right templates, images, and graphics can be a real resource drain for businesses. With QuickSlide and QuickDoc, you’ll find everything clearly ordered in one single location.

  • Strong search function: Full text search, keywords, file names, notes
  • Extensive filter options thanks to centrally definable categories and keywords
  • Better structure and overview through targeted delivery of content to user groups
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Clear access permissions

The way in which documents are provided is organized through a permissions system. Content and documents can be delivered to the entire company, to business units, or to teams.

  • Consulting on setting up an authorization and access system
  • Roles and process design with content managers who are permitted to modify the content, and users who use it
  • Access controlled based on user groups; protected content, e.g. for individual departments
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