40% more productivity


The Situation


Every company spends a lot of time and resources working with Microsoft Office. PowerPoint and Word are standard programs; they are not specifically tailored to a business user’s requirements.

Our solution


QuickSlide and QuickDoc offer extensive functions for users to work efficiently with Microsoft Office as part of their everyday business activities, even automating entire work processes. And this has a definite impact—because up to 40% of their time is saved.

Saving time searching

Providing slides, presentations, and documents at one centralized location means there’s no longer any need to waste time searching for the right base materials. Users can stick to what’s already there and can achieve their objectives faster.

  • Strong search function to quickly retrieve content and templates
  • Clear structure and visual preview
  • Using what’s already there, minimizing setup times
Bei der Suche Zeit sparen

Easier and faster: Agendas, schedules, and project plans

What may be part of the everyday work agenda can often be a laborious process in Microsoft Office. Like creating agendas and schedules. In QuickSlide and QuickDoc, these are central applications that work easily and, most importantly, quickly.

  • Agenda assistant to create and automatically update agendas, including fast navigation through linked chapters
  • Assistant to create schedules and project plans
  • Automatic updating of modified data
  • All presentations consistent with your corporate-design specifications

Savings potentials QuickSlide

Inhaltsverzeichnisse, Zeit- und Projektpläne

Automatically checking and correcting documents

When creating documents, there is usually little to no time left at the end to check that corporate-design specifications have been complied with. And this is clearly visible in the results. Not so with QuickSlide and QuickDoc, however, because your corporate design is already integrated.

  • Corporate-design breaches automatically corrected
  • Incorrect or outdated terms, such as product names, automatically updated
  • Guaranteed consistency within a single document and between multiple documents
automatisch prüfen und korrigieren

A better, more efficient design process

Formatting documents often takes more time than creating the content. But it doesn’t have to be this way. QuickSlide and QuickDoc offer a variety of design tools that make the process easier and significantly improve the final result.

  • Reformat text, lists, or charts to fit the corporate design with just a single click
  • Easily ensure objects are properly aligned and symmetrical
  • Easily and accurately define spacing and positioning
Effizienter gestalten

Useful aids for everyday work

QuickSlide and QuickDoc enhance Microsoft Office with a wide range of functions that deliver real added value for professional users. They make workflows easier and improve the user experience. For example:

  • Set the spell-check language for the whole document
  • Optimize document file sizes
  • Send and save individual slides directly

Automating recurring presentations

Periodic reports, dashboards, or studies can all be designed perfectly using QuickSlide. The data-update feature works seamlessly through the link-up with Excel.

  • Data Connector to link elements such as charts, tables, text, and shapes with Excel
  • PowerPoint for design, Excel for data management
  • Update the whole presentation with a single click
Automatisieren von wiederkehrende Präsentationen


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