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QuickSlide for PowerPoint

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QuickSlide is a leading add-in software facilitating professional, efficient use of PowerPoint. Major international companies place their trust in QuickSlide because it encompasses a variety of benefits, including consistent corporate-design usage, professional content organization, easy chart creation, and a 40% productivity boost.

think-cell area of application

think-cell® has a very narrow focus on solely creating charts, and is aimed at heavy users from specific departments such as Controlling and Finance.

think-cell area of application

QuickSlide area of application

QuickSlide is think-cell®’s equal when it comes to creating charts, while also offering a plethora of additional services critically important to businesses.

QuickSlide area of application

Charts and data integration with QuickSlide

When it comes to charts, QuickSlide is a solution wonderfully suited to meeting requirements in areas such as controlling / finance, project management or consulting. It enables SmartCharts, Gantt charts, and waterfall charts to be created and edited both quickly and conveniently. Links to data sources in Excel can be established smoothly and seamlessly through the Data Connector. And all charts created comply with corporate-design specifications.

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Proven in practice: Many licenses are replaceable

We are increasingly being approached by companies seeking solutions regarding how they can save on licensing costs and cover all their applications with a single software solution. And the focus here always comes back to the cost-intensive think-cell® licenses. Experience from a number of projects has shown us that, with the help of our customized transition program, most think-cell® licenses can be replaced without causing much problem for users, generating high savings potentials for companies.

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