training documents


The Situation


HR teams, IT training departments, academies, and institutes know how much time and effort are involved in continuously managing training documents. When specific pieces of information change, it impacts many different areas.

Our solution


QuickSlide for PowerPoint is a smart platform for managing training material. Slides are provided and updated centrally, and trainers and teachers have access to a pool.

Everything in one place, always up to date - the way efficient training preparation should be.

The single-source principle for your training material:

  • Central provision and updating
  • Usage in PowerPoint, including when on the go
  • Graphic preview and search function
  • Warning function for outdated slides
  • DAM and SharePoint connection
Trainingsmaterial bereitstellen

Greater ease

All documents are managed and provided to teachers and trainers through the slide pool. If changes are made, this is only done once and centrally.


Modular use

Presentations, talks, and handouts can be used in their full form or in parts. And smart keywording helps you find the right slide, enabling you to create customized training documents from a broad selection of slides.

modularer Folienpool

Integrated into PowerPoint

QuickSlide is used directly in PowerPoint. Your trainers and teachers can work wherever they use PowerPoint—in the office, at home, or on the go.  

QuickSlide integriert

Automatic warning

If a user does end up working with outdated documents from a previous training course, QuickSlide actively advises them which slides need to be updated.

Automatische Warnung

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