Creating presentations using the pyramid principle

Training: "Management-oriented argumentation"


Management presentations are very different from other types of presentation. You need to stick to your ‘golden thread’ at all times – even when you are asked out of the blue to explain particular points in great detail, skip others completely and cut your talk down to 10 minutes, instead of the planned half an hour, due to a change in schedule. It’s not easy to stay on track in situations like these.

But you can arm yourself with thorough preparation and a suitable presentation structure. We teach you methods used by leading strategy consultants that help you to master presentations to top management.

After the course, you’ll be able to…

• correctly assess your audience’s expectations
• put your message in a nutshell
• construct watertight arguments fit for the Board
• develop a storyboard


Target audience

‘Creating presentations using the pyramid principle’ is a course aimed at managers and staff who either give presentations to decision makers themselves, or prepare such presentations.


Quick Facts

  • 1 day of intensive training
  • In-house seminar or individual coaching
  • Trainers: Achim Sztuka, Ralph Bernhard, Sebastian Bartl