Strategy Compass and Sustainability


Strategy Compass continues to be fully owned and run by its founders. In 2009, we set about creating a lastingly successful company aligned with our ethical beliefs. Since then, we have taken responsibility in all aspects of our corporate activities—for our environment, for our customers, and for our staff.

Environment: Reducing global CO2 emissionsIt’s now official: Strategy Compass is good for the climate. The “Klima ohne Grenzen’ (“Climate Without Limits”) organization has certified our company, attesting to the fact that we operate in a climate-neutral manner. But as this is still not enough for us in view of the global challenges we all face, we are also involved in additional CO2-reduction projects through the independent Gold Standard organization, thereby making a positive contribution for the global climate.

Customers: Making real changesChanging Office-based communications at large organization is no mean feat, which is why we’ve opted against adopting the business model of a pure software provider, which revolves around scaling up as quickly as possible with a product that is as standardized as it can possibly be. We view presentations and documents holistically, i.e. from a technical and procedural perspective, as well as in terms of content and graphic design. Our customers generally don’t just want to better manage what they’ve already got; they want their communications to achieve a greater impact. We’ve established extensive expertise to do this, and are focused on maintaining long-term, trustworthy partnerships with our customers.

Staff: Long-term prospectsIt is important for us that our staff enjoy working at Strategy Compass—and that includes us ourselves. This isn’t achieved through feel-good programs, but rather through meaningful work and cooperation in action. And there’s another aspect too: Staying with us for the long haul enables our teams to develop the expertise we need for our discerning customers. Increased staff numbers, if nothing else, show that we seem to be on the right track; new employees have been joining our team every year since our inception in 2009, and virtually all of them continue to work for us to this day.