Custom Office Development

Process automation

Office Programmierung

While Microsoft Office is an essential part of everyday business for companies, it also poses challenges for professional users.

QuickSlide and QuickDoc, our Microsoft-certified add-ins, already meet most companies’ special requirements. But there are always other business-specific needs that call for custom programming.


Process automation

Strategy Compass is at home in the Office world, with honed skills in business requirements and processes. The combination of these two fields of expertise makes us an ideal partner for businesses when it comes to identifying potential, developing solutions, and automating and optimizing entire processes and process chains. This simplifies and improves workflows and takes the pressure off staff.


Custom solutions for our clients

Automated R&D project planning

We automated an industrial group’s R&D project plans for specific components. The data from a source Excel file, where all the information is managed, is now automatically transferred to fixed, visually sophisticated presentation slides at the click of a button.

The advantage: No longer any need for manual preparing or processing, which used to be done about 100 times a year.

Automatisierte Entwicklungsplanung

Smart interview guidelines

As a way of documenting supplier conversations, we automated a client’s existing Word-based interview guidelines so that all data entered was transferred directly to the evaluation summary.

The advantage: The form was completed quicker, and there was much greater acceptance of the process.

Der intelligente Gesprächsleitfaden

Client presentation ready at a click

We developed the presentation template for a business consultancy firm that regularly conducts status surveys on management topics for its clients. All data is now entered into an Excel file, where, with the click of a button, a personalized presentation of the results appears, with attractive graphics and automatically generated animations.

The advantage: No longer any need for resource-consuming, error-prone manual creation of client presentations.


Simplified project planning

We programmed smart functions to Excel-based project plans for a company’s sales division. Now, for example, a formula-based calendar can be automatically generated for a new year, current weeks can be highlighted, accidental deletion of quality gates prevented, and correct cell shading ensured.

The advantage: A significant reduction in the time and effort involved with managing and formatting the file.

Vereinfachte Projektplanung

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