Coherent Expression - Coherent Presentation

stimmige Präsentation

During a presentation, the audience hears and interprets every word the speaker utters. They also notice every gesture, every look, every change in posture, and every modulation in the tone of voice and emphasis on phrases as messages. Sometimes, the body can subconsciously convey something other than the presentation text. An outstanding presentation is one in which the overall expression is coherent, i.e. when language, voice and body language say the same thing as the text. 

When you speak in front of an expert audience, you’ll be imparting complex information. You can use the spoken word to structure topics and, in particular, spark your audience’s interest. Even the driest of topics can be made exciting with a lively voice, voice pitch, timbre, presentation speed, and well-placed pauses. The extent to which a presentation is understood depends heavily on volume, clarity and the pace of delivery. 

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