creating PowerPoint Masters


The PowerPoint master, also known as the PowerPoint template, forms the basis of every presentation. It lays down the fundamental elements of your corporate design. Technical mistakes in the template will cause problems throughout your organization for years.

Text Layout
Picture Layout
Picture, Text Layout

What does a professional PowerPoint master give you?

  • All graphical elements, such as logos or color bars, are always in the right place.
  • Corporate colors and fonts are applied automatically.
  • Preset text levels with the correct font size, paragraph and line spacing, bullet list style, and indents ensure an esthetically pleasing look.
  • A clear layout grid with displayable guides provides orientation.
  • Layouts with precisely positioned placeholders allow you to create all the usual slide types without needing any design skills.

Liaison with your branding agency

PowerPoint does not count as a core competency in every brand agency. We often encounter PowerPoint masters that are beautifully designed, but that make life unnecessarily hard for users. This is why we frequently assume the role of PowerPoint experts in projects, ensuring that your agency’s designs are implemented in a technically precise and practical way. We have the necessary design expertise, but also know all the typical problems that arise when normal PowerPoint users create countless presentations on a daily basis. Our hands-on pragmatism allows us to come up with solutions that bring both worlds together.


Creation of PowerPoint style guides

Although the master contains all the design fundamentals, it’s often still too abstract for many users. It’s therefore worth compiling a proper style guide. This illustrates the design guidelines, gives examples of shapes, diagrams and tables, and contains sample slides that give users a feel for the desired design.


Free master check

Not sure if your master is up to scratch? We offer a free master check for companies with 100 or more employees. We look at design and technical aspects, as well as usability. You receive structured feedback and, depending on the result, are welcome to optimize your master together with us.

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