It’s the mother of all presentations. The presentation that conveys your whole identity. Your image, your expertise, the things that set you apart from your competitors, and your ability to make your customers happy. It’s your chance to convince from the very beginning, to smooth the way for all sales, to forge a relationship. In short: the first impression that paves the way for all your goals.

In this crucial discipline, an objective view can be helpful. The view of someone who can analyze your situation, who understands you, and who with the right mix of objectivity and emotionality, can create a structure that focuses your message. For your brand. For better sales. Because that’s what it’s all about: putting you in the perfect light.

This is what we do. We analyze, we understand, we conceptualize. We write headlines and text, and marry them with a graphic design that brings your corporate identity to life in PowerPoint.

Company presentations

Creating a company presentation with you

The earlier we become involved in the conception of a new company presentation, the better the results. The questions we ask at an early stage can help you to focus your positioning. But we are also happy to take on individual aspects, e.g. reworking your graphics, or transferring them to their new design.
In the case of a complete redesign, we usually proceed in three stages:

  • Briefing and interview: We immerse ourselves in your brand identity and marketing goals, and set up an interview in which we ask targeted questions to give ourselves a clear picture.
  • Storyline: when everything is sufficiently clear, we develop a concept and a storyline (headlines and text) for the company presentation – in consultation with you.
  • Design: Once the storyline has been agreed, we concentrate on the graphical presentation. We clarify all graphical issues with the aid of a style guide and examples, as required. Then we convert the slides, obtaining your feedback and approval where appropriate.

If you work with our software, QuickSlide for PowerPoint, we can also develop a modular kit based on your company presentation. Your employees can use this to create their own slides that are perfectly consistent with the design of your company presentation. This allows you to exploit your brand potential to the full.


Creating a company presentation with you