New functions for creating charts with QuickSlide

Interview with Achim Sztuka, co-founder and CEO of Strategy Compass

Achim Sztuka

Hi Achim, is there anything new to report on QuickSlide?

Achim Sztuka: Yes, we have spent the last few weeks working at full speed on a new release. And the result speaks for itself. We now offer our customers even more ways to save time and money when using PowerPoint professionally.

What is so special about the new QuickSlide?

Achim Sztuka: We have been concentrating intensively on data visualization. Creating professional reports has long been a focus of ours. Until now, many of our customers have still been using other add-ins to efficiently generate the necessary visuals. They would repeatedly ask us to expand QuickSlide into this area so as to reduce the number of add-ins. And that’s exactly what we’ve now done.

How has QuickSlide changed?

Achim Sztuka: We have expanded and improved the functions for editing SmartCharts—growth rates, deltas, axis breaks etc.—and waterfall charts. The user experience has also become much neater overall. Plus, we have further developed the performance of the Data Connector. It connects Excel with PowerPoint so that data-driven reports can be fully automated even when large volumes of data are involved.

What about connecting other systems?

Achim Sztuka: We have worked on this too. The QuickSlide Media Connector links media databases directly to PowerPoint. We have now used it to connect various other DAM systems, and thus of course also expanded the available options.

More functions and greater efficiency—is that a fair summary of the innovations?

Achim Sztuka: Yes. But there’s one thing that’s particularly important: Last year, we ran workshops with chart power users at several of our major customers. At these workshops, we openly evaluated where we still had gaps that were preventing the power users from doing away with other add-ins like think-cell®. The new release has enabled us to now fill these gaps. For many customers, this is a key step in simplifying their IT landscape.

Will there be additional developments in future?

Achim Sztuka: We are constantly further developing our products, and of course already have our next focuses in the pipeline. At this point, I can tell you that we’re about the launch QuickMail to centrally manage email signatures. And we also have quite a few things planned with our content management.

Thank you, Achim, for the chat, and all the best with the new QuickSlide functions.

The new QuickSlide functions at a glance.



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