How PowerPoint can sabotage a new corporate design

In a recent blog post, we described how important presentations are in anchoring a brand in employees’ hearts and minds. A little while ago, I had an interesting conversation with the head of communications at a not-so-small business. She told me that PowerPoint was the reason the brand was having trouble really taking off inside the company. Which only demonstrates once again that, like it or not, you should never underestimate the power of PowerPoint.

Here’s the story: Over the past two years, the company has been focusing on moving its brand forward, in part by fine-tuning its corporate design. This has involved a series of modifications to the company’s intranet, brochures, and advertising campaigns. And now it was time to tackle the website and PowerPoint presentations. The lead agency engaged a PowerPoint service provider to develop a new master, and they apparently did a good job.

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But when the new master was made available to the staff, there was an unexpected outcry. The problem was that it was utterly incompatible with all the old slides they had been using for years. The issue quickly made its way to the Board, which decided to put a stop to the project and mandate the continued use of the old, totally outdated master for the time being. Now the company is considering whether any changes to PowerPoint should be attempted at all over the next two years, because the employees are much too busy to manually convert all their presentations to the new master.

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Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when I introduced our method for easing the transition. The QuickSlide migration tool can automatically convert old presentations to the new master, including various subsequent tweaks such as adapting existing content to the new corporate design guidelines and color scheme. Users also get access to a variety of tools that simplify the process of creating presentations. So they actually save time instead of facing extra work.

With the migration tool in hand and a more easily convertible master, the issue was put before the Board again – this time fortunately with a better outcome. This example goes to show once more how quickly the progress of a brand can be stalled if life is made difficult for employees.

Achim Sztuka


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