The agency check: Have you got your PowerPoint organized?

Let’s be honest: What communication, marketing or advertising agency is inspired by PowerPoint masters or slide templates? The focus, after all, is on completely different, meatier issues such as communication concept, brand, media mix, websites and campaigns. PowerPoint presentations are generally a sideline act, and are usually only viewed once – when a corporate design is being developed or relaunched, and a master template and some standard slides are created. PowerPoint seems so fiddly, so mundane and – it has to be said – ostensibly rather tedious. It’s an operational matter involving far too many individual factors.

Briefly rate the following aspects regarding labour division and quality in order to gain a clear picture of your current situation:


How much time and effort do you spend on briefings, rebriefings, processing and organisation in everyday co-operations with your agency?

How much expertise does your agency have when it comes to PowerPoint software, the practical problems associated with use by staff with generally little graphic design training, the requirements of internal and external presentations, and your technical and organisational processes when creating and giving presentations?

Define your expectations of your agency. Get them to explain and prove their expertise. Check that your expectations are feasible and realistic.

Work with your agency to establish a sensible degree of outsourcing. Define time-savers, interfaces, tasks and everyday processes. Identify the time and expense still remaining. Identify the agency costs, and offset them against your own expenses.

We’re keen to know what you discover during this process. And will also be glad to show you new ways of getting more out of it and saving costs.


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