What’s the message? Using data to give clarity

You have data in Excel that you could use to make many different points. Which are important?  Let’s take as an example the turnover figures of a nationally operating company over a number of years.

Turnover in million EUR


Choose the most suitable diagram according to the point you’d like to make:

You’d like to show that turnover has increased 20% since 2010. Use a column chart of turnover against time and highlight the 20%.

Slide Data

You’re not so concerned with the exact figures as such, but you want to show that the company’s service centres are too concentrated in the south of the country. You can show this clearly using a map of the service centre locations.

Slide Map

You can get across the fact that two thirds of turnover is made in the south and west using a pie chart. Highlight both regions in colour.

Slide Pie Chart

If you want to show retrospectively that EUR 10 million in new business was made due to a key new customer in the west of the country, it could be most effective to show a picture of their premises.

Slide Full Pic

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