Appreciation: The Basis for Successful Presentations


Appreciation needs to be an integral part of a manager’s verbal and emotional repertoire. Having a sense of and skills in appreciation is a cornerstone of being a good leader and giving excellent presentations. 

We see appreciation as an internal attitude, as a basic ethical mindset reflected in every external attitude, every performance and every instance of communication. An optimistic attitude towards life corresponds with the leadership quality of “self-presentation”. A presentation is credible and effective if, in addition to willpower, the speaker also exudes skills in self-direction, i.e. awareness, respect and dignity. After all, appreciation is a key requirement for engaging in dialog with the audience. 


Appreciation has many Facets:

  • Appreciation for oneself: Successful managers exude self-confidence. They have a high degree of appreciation for themselves. This appreciation is not dependent on any external factors (difficult situations, stress, pressure). 

  • Appreciation for the audience/the conversation partner: The person being spoken to must feel the speaker is treating them with respect, dignity and interest right from the first second. Internal attitudes are manifested outwardly in posture, openness and naturalness. 

  • Appreciation for the topic: The presentation revolves around the speaker’s credo. Their passion for the topic increases their level of presence (physical energy and attentiveness). 

Dialog with the audience

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